The human brain controls many functions and mechanisms in the central nervous system (CNS). It is a highly dynamic and complex organ, composed of 100 billion neurons and 1 trillion supporting glial cells arranged in a highly ordered fashion. Maintaining its structural and functional integrity is thought to depend on a delicate balance between substrate delivery through the bloodstream and energy uptake from neural activity.

The temporal lobe of the brain is a complexly differentiated formation in terms of its morphological and physiological characteristics, and its main function is directly related to auditory analysis and synthesis in various forms. Especially complex should be the age-related restructuring of cortical areas related to specific human functions; it is extremely important to study those parts of the brain that in humans are associated with the perception of speech and hearing. Proceeding from these provisions, we carried out work, which consisted not only in studying the age and individual variability of the configuration of the sulci and gyrus of the temporal lobe, but only some parameters of pyramidal cells in sublayers III3 and V layer field 41 of the auditory cortex.

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