To date, among the etiological causes of chronic glomerulonephritis in children, the percentage of streptococcal infection has decreased, and at the same time, there are many records of nephropathies of viral etiology. 68 children were examined. Of these, 32 (47%) were children with chronic glomerulonephritis and 36 (53%) with nephrotic syndrome. All sick children underwent clinical, biochemical studies, as well as ELISA and PCR for the diagnosis of herpes infection.Conducted immunoserological studies in the group of children with chronic glomerulonephritis showed the detection of mono-CMV infection in 6.3%, HSV 1/2 +CMV infection in 6.3%, HSV 1/2 +CMV+HHV type 8 in 37.5% of children. In the group of patients with nephrotic syndrome, 10.1% had HSV 1/2 monoinfection, 8.3% had mono-CMV infection, 41.6% had HSV1/2+CMV, and 8.3% had HSV1/2+CMV+HHV 6 type, in 33.3% of HSV1/2+CMV+HHV type 8 mixed infection.

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