Purpose: a comparative study of age-related clinical manifestations
and pathogenesis of the main factors of school exclusion [SE]. Material and methods.
The main methods of investigation were clinical-epidemiological and psychological. We
additionally used psychopathological, paraclinic, and catamnesis methods. Observation
of children with impaired adaptation was carried out in conditions of children’s clinics
and psycho-neurological clinics (7-11 years, n=950) and (12-17 years, and n=550). The
clinical manifestations and the main factors of the pathogenesis of school disadaptation
in the comparative-age aspect (7-11 years old, n = 950) and (12-17 years old, n = 550).
More significant factors of risk, together with the psycho-social ones (conditions of the
micro-social sphere of family and school), are genetic and cerebral organic. Results and
discussion/ The feature found by children and teenagers disadaptation is its massive
somatization, which is characterized by polymorph vegetative and visceral disorders
in different organs and systems (digestive, skin, respiratory, moving, heart-vessel,
secretory, endocrine) and painful manifestation.

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